Amanda Woman Rig for Maya From Artem Dubson


Amanda Woman Rig witch is grate for acting and emotional scenes for you demo reel. Rig have advanced features like face mocap for motion capture .Rig has Ik/Fk switches and also bend controls for creating more arc for strong pose when you need in animating some shots.

Rig was fully setup and build in Maya. when you working on  Amanda Woman Rig if you get problems with eyelashes or dress, as well as disable GPU override, if a weak video card it will be buggy in Maya.

Hear we collect some videos about Rig and it review about how it works and using of body controls .

Amanda Woman Rig Free Download

This Rig was created by Artem Dubson form Russia He has lot experience in Rigging in can also check out his rigging course at CGTarian online school (course in Russian language)



  1. Hello, it would be just to know how to put the pupil of his eyes, because his eyes are all white and I can not put the pupils, thank you in advance

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