Animate Jeep Driving Through The Mud Using Cinema 4D and Houdini


This tutorial helps you learn the basic animation workflow in Cinema 4d and simulation effect in Houdini. Tim Van Helsdingen shared series of tutorials about how to create a realistic animation of a Jeep driving through the mud using Cinema 4D and Houdini for the simulation.

This 3.5-hour tutorial takes you on a tour through all of the project files from the VFX shot of the jeep driving through mud.

Animate Jeep Driving Through Mud in Cinema 4D and Houdini

This is the first part of the tutorial, learn how the car animation done inside Cinema 4D. After this next step done in Houdini but for this car animation, it made more sense to do it in Cinema.

Creating Mud Simulations in Houdini for Car animation

This part 2 of the jeep series, help to learn how to create simulations of mud in Houdini as the flip & white water were done, along with some additional elements.

Next week we’ll dive into scene assembly, lighting, shading, and rendering. You’ll learn how to handle large assets inside Houdini/Redshift, tips and tricks for putting scenes together, and a lot more.

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