How to Animate Wrinkles With Cloth in Blender Tutorial


This is a new tutorial from Richard Shilling, about how to use a cloth simulation in Blender to animate wrinkles. Richard covers shares a lot of new techniques in Blender.

Animate Wrinkles automatically by using a cloth simulation in Blender

Richard saying ” Today, we added some dynamic skin animation to this dinosaur, and I must say, I think the result is pretty kickass.”

Animate wrinkles with cloth, there are many steps involved in this process. Richard explained all those in this tutorial before transposing the technique to an animation of a walking dinosaur. Richard Adds things like muscles, skin sliding, and wrinkles to character animation for creating life and realism to the character.

The dinosaur character used in this tutorial Fully rigid and ready for animation, which is Script with bone layers and can also download the Rig.

About Richard Shilling.

Richard is an independent artist and 3D generalist based in Melbourne, Australia. he contributed may character and creature designs to our CG community.

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