Animating A Tail Using Follow Through And Overlap


854Great tips from Animator Chiara Porri for animating a tail Using the animation principles follow through and overlap with the ball and Tail character Rig.

 Animation Tips of Follow Through and Overlap

she showing a breakdown of a dragon animation as a practical example of Follow Through and Overlap check out more tutorials from Chiara Porri’s blog I Want To Be An Animator.

Follow through and overlapping movement is a well known heading for two closely related animation strategies that shape part of the 12 principles of animation, diagnosed with the aid of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston in their authoritative 1981 e-book on Disney Animation, The Illusion of Life. The time period drag is now and again protected to form three separate. But associated concepts inside the art of animation.

Also, check other useful Animation tips for the quick way to animate overlap and settle.

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