Animating Without Rig In Blender Using Simple Technique


Are you looking to animate the 3d characters without Rig? When it comes to mind you going to think about the possibilities of character animating without a rig. Blender going to give a solution to your questions. In this tutorial, Daniel Martínez Lara explains to you How to animate character without rigging in Blender.

Animating Without Rig in Blender Using Pose Sculpt tool

Using the advanced tool and simple technique in Blender you can animate the 3d models without creating bones and rig setup. In this tutorial, we going to use Pose Sculpt tools in Blender to animate the model.

This tool helps you to move, stretch, and rotate the 3d mesh on the model. Pose Sculpt tool recording each step you move as a keyframe on the Blender timeline. The result of this technique looks amazing, allow you to sculpt and model the part to animate until the perfect pose. This technique helps you a lot in 3d for instance to animate facial expressions of the character or for simple animation.

Daniel Martinez Lara animates this short video. This Keymesh Proof of concept animation test. “KeyMesh” is an Experimental Feature to create different meshes per frame in the same object.

You can download the latest version of Blender from the official Blender website.

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