Anthro Tiger Rig For Maya With Dynamic Tail Option


Anthro Biped Tiger Rig for Maya, the character that features switchable both IK and FK for arms, legs also convenient breath control, and a dynamic tail option which is very flexible for animation.

Anthro Tiger Rig -That Features Switchable Both IK and FK

If you are familiar with Autodesk Maya you can simply understand with the tutorial. This rig has additional animate padding props available in the pelvis control, For sweating the dynamic tail, you need to enable the DYN FK attribute from 10 to 0 under the COG control.
Credits: Giles Ruscoe is part of the project, The character is modeled and textured properly which should give grate fell for the project. Special Thanks for trivial who brings the Anthro Tiger ring for Free with great features.

Concussion :
This Tiger rig not meant realistic quadruped locomotion. The rig is ideal for those going for heavy action calisthenics such as Kung Fu Panda’s Tigress.


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