Best Maya Plugins and Scripts for Fast Production


Maya Plugins and Scripts for Fast Production that can speed up the workflow in all aspects of the pipeline from Modeling, UV unwrapping, Rigging, Animation, Effects and so on.

Maya Plugins and Scripts that can speed up the workflow

Miarmy is a Human Logic Engine plugin that works in Maya for crowd simulation, AI animation, creature physical simulation, and rendering.

Massive is a great plugin if you want to create crowds, small or large, for your projects – not only as a visual effects artist but also if you work in engineering or architecture.

22_Golaem Crowd
Golaem gives you the power to quickly populate your scenes with smart and directable digital characters.

MG Tools can save time and create a more efficient workflow. Miguel Winfield’s plugin MG Tools has many features that aim to make the life of an animator that much easier.

20_Studio Library
It is listed in Best Maya Plugins because of the fast workflow for managing poses and animation in Maya. It can store animations so if you’ve got poses, you can select sets and click on specific poses, and it brings it straight up.

Aimbot is a set of tools for Maya aimed at speeding up workflow. it has a lot of tools that can make the animator’s daily tasks feel like creative work rather than doing a chore.

18_Advanced Skeleton
Advanced Skeleton can create rigs with unlimited body configurations, Not only creatures, but you can also rig props, vehicles, and just about anything.

ModIt will support and speed up your hard surface Workflow with the automaton of simple and repetitive tasks like Primitives creation, duplicate merge and so on.

PlugIt is a script for Maya that will help you detail your Hard Surface models.

15_ADN Modeler
ADN Modeler Tools is a smart modeling script for Maya that comes with multiple useful tools, ranging from simple scripts to highly complex tools that completely redefine your workflow.

14_shave and a haircut
Shave and a Haircut is an interactive grooming and styling tool for hair and fur, with associated shaders for offline rendering in Arnold, RenderMan, and V-Ray. It is currently a plugin for Maya.

YETI is a powerful node-based procedural toolset for producing fur, feathers and efficiently instancing geometry within Maya.

it is an Artist-friendly grooming tool for Non-destructive hair pipeline
this tool is used by a lot of studios to work on a lot of popular shows and video games.

Qualoth is a Maya plug-in, that takes polygon meshes as input.
then Those input meshes are triangulated internally for dynamic cloth simulation. Qualoth is being widely used for the production of 3D feature animations and visual effects for digital doubles in movies.

Unfold3D is an intuitive, fast, scalable tool that generates nice UVs with minimum efforts. a lot of studios, and freelancers, are currently using Unfold3D.

Unwrella is an unwrapping plug-in for Maya. it allows you to automatically unfold your 3D models with exact pixel to model surface aspect ratio, speeding up texture baking UV map production significantly.

FumeFx is a powerful fluid dynamics plugin for Maya, designed for simulation and rendering of realistic fire, smoke, explosions, and other gaseous phenomena.

7_Phenix FD
Phoenix FD is an all-in-one solution for fluid dynamics. in can Simulate fire, smoke, liquids, ocean waves, splashes, spray, mist and more.

Pulldownit is a dynamics plugin intended for destruction effects as well as massive rigid bodies simulations.

KRAKATOA™ is Thinkbox Software’s Volumetric Particle Rendering, Manipulation and Management Toolkit.

4_Octane Render
Octane Render is an unbiased rendering application with real-time capability. It was created by New Zealand-based company Refractive Software, which was acquired by OTOY.

Redshift Rendering Technologies Inc was founded in early 2012 in Newport Beach, California to develop a production-quality, GPU-accelerated renderer with support for the biased global illumination techniques.

Vray is one of the Best Plugins for Maya .it used to be harder to adjust the settings to prepare your scene but now it is becoming easier and it can create better quality renders in a shorter time.



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