Let’s Know Blender 2.92 New Features In Less Than 5 Minutes


The Blender team has released a new video tutorial to share what’s new features in Blender 2.92 in less than 5 minutes.

We collect a few more information about new features and tools in Blender 2.92 if you interest read the full article.

  • geometry nodes

Artists will be able to set-dress their scenes by randomly placing simple assets, then tweaking a variety of parameters for full artistic control. You can create Procedural Motion Graphics with Blender Geometry Nodes.

  • UI Updates 

New updates include performance and UI (User interface) improvements. The tools allow users to create a faster workflow.

  • Primitive Tool

Primitive Tool, which allows users to create primitives interactively in a couple of clicks. Check out a simple tutorial from youtube.

  • Modifier Update

Modifier toll update in Blender 2.92. The tool helps to create automatic operations to modify geometry in a non-destructive way.

  • Grease Pencil

We already know with Grease Pencil we can create 2D elements, draw, and 2D animation into the 3D space. Now The tool improved and added new features like image sequence, curve modifier, and more.

  • Rendering 

Improved Blender Cycles for faster rendering with Optix Hybrid Rendering and also improved volume renders.

  • Fluid Simulation 

The Dynamics and fluid simulation are improved with a new viscosity setting.

  • Animation tools 

The animation tool is improved like Euler Filter for fixing issues when import Motion Capture data and other animation issues. The custom space on bone constraints with fewer bones and also Nla strip update.

The other updates also added to Blender 2.92 like addons, Vse update for editing videos, and compositor update lot more. You can Downaldo the New Blender version for free from the official website. Support Blender development for this great stuff and hard work.

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