Learn How to Create Blender Fluid Simulation With Fluid Simulator


This the Blender tutorial from CG GEEK. Learn how to create a Fluid simulation in Blender using Fluid Simulator. In combination with its Ocean Modifier to create some realistic animated splashes.
Simulation tools for soft body dynamics including mesh collision detection. LBM fluid dynamics, smoke simulation, Bullet rigid body dynamics, ocean generator with waves.

Blender Tutorial Fluid simulation Learn How To Use Fluid Simulator

Blender Tutorial Fluid simulation Learn how to use Fluid Simulator

Fluid simulation, or computational fluid dynamics, is a computer graphics tool used to generate realistic animations of liquids such as water and smoke.

A fluid simulator emulates the motion of a described fluid. Making use of the Euler equations or Navier-Stokes equations which describe the physics of fluids, or any simplified version of them.

In computer graphics, such simulations range in complexity from extremely time-consuming high-quality animations for film & visual effects. This is for simple real-time particle systems, or Fourier synthesis of water surface wave, used in modern games.

How to create two different fluid simulations cover many of the details of fluid sims and demonstrate some advanced material method.

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