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How To Create a Skin Transformation Effect With Maya Mash


Check out this new tutorial from Digital Creator School’s, which demonstrates how to recreate the skin-to-scales transformation effect from the film “Luca.” Ridley creates the effect with the Maya MASH motion graphics toolbox.

Although the effect in the movie is far more intricate, and Ridley refers to his version as a “poor man’s” version, it’s still a cool-looking effect that you can probably apply anywhere and for a variety of things.

The Louvre Museum is offering 25 free 3D scan Models


The Louvre Museum is located in Paris, These 25 3D scan models are created for Gloria Victis.

Gloria Victis is a five-minute short film set in the Cour Marly of the Louvre Museum. This film seeks a reinterpretation of history from the perspective of the conquered through the technique of film editing of computer-generated pictures, paintings, and film sequences.

The Cour Marly is created entirely in 3D for this film Using Photoscan software, all of these sculpture models are created from over 150 pictures. Download Louvre Museum Models.

How To Create A Halftone Effect Using Houdini


This tutorial will show you how to make a procedural halftone effect using Houdini, some maths, and some simple Python.

The dot pattern used in printing to produce graphics is visually appealing. Check out Chetal Gazdar’s latest lesson, which demonstrates how to create this iconic dot-patterned appearance using Python and Side FX Houdini’s procedural features.

In both 2D and 3D tutorials, the halftone effect is a common topic. More resources for producing them may be found online, such as this one from Ben Marriott, which demonstrates how to make a CMYK halftone effect in After Effects, much as you’d see in print.

Daniel Calderón demonstrates how to make a Photomosaic (a picture composed of several pictures) using Cavalry in this video. Finally, Santiago Pereira demonstrates how to use Blender to create a halftone shader with controls.

Create Perspective Halftone With Houdini VX And VOPS

Houdini VX And VOPS

Spheres arranged in space to create the illusion of a halftone image when viewed from the right point with Houdini VX And VOPS

What this illusion combines are two vintage techniques: Halftone rasterization and perspective projection.

Halftone rasterization is the technique of breaking down a greyscale image into discrete dots of various sizes in an effort to create the phantasm of various brightness values when viewed from afar.

Forced perspective Is a way that’s been used as a practical impact in movies like “Close Encounters of The Third Kind” or “The Aviator” to make models appear bigger than they are. It’s been abused all too often to apparently preserve the tower of Pisa as nicely.

download the project file from the official website  Entagma

Download 6 Awesome Cartoon 3ds Max Rigs For Free


Yuri Muzyrya has released 6 awesome free cartoon character rigs for 3ds Max users. All the rigs are adjustable, that can be set up with minimal rigging skills beyond basic skinning.

3DS Max character rig with IK/FK stretchy spine, IK/FK stretchy limbs, IK/FK snap, Facial expressions GUI and cluster deformation, Quick and stable, proven on literally hundreds of characters in CG-production.

You can download MultiMax if you’re interested in his paid rig. It’s a customizable 3ds Max character rig with advanced controls which can be used in film production.

About Author

Yuri Muzyrya is a professional 3D Generalist/Rigger with over a decade of experience in production and game development. He is currently employed by MPC Project as a TechAnim(CFX) artist for an upcoming feature film. Download all Rigs

How To Animate Metahuman Characters With Iclone


iClone is the industry’s fastest real-time 3D animation software, allowing you to create quality animations for films, previz, animation, video games, content creation, education, and art with ease. In this tutorial, Solomon Jagwe explains how to use the iClone Live link and Actorcore mocap to give full-body motion to MetaHuman characters made with the MetaHuman builder for the Unreal Engine. This is a huge time saving because it allows you to animate a number of MetaHumans at once.

How to animate a MetaHuman character using iClone and Actorcore Body Mocap?

The Unreal Live Link Plug-in for iClone builds a system for Unreal Engine that includes characters, lighting, cameras, and animation. The combination of iClone’s ease of use with Unreal Engine rendering results in a digital human solution for creating, animating, and visualising better real-time characters.

iClone Unreal Live Link main features

  • Play iClone animation in real time on Unreal Sequencer and record facial changes, bone data, lighting, and camera characteristics in MetaHuman during Unreal playback.
  • Multiple Unreal sequences may be easily generated from a single iClone project, providing an efficient workflow for Unreal non-linear editing.

iClone Unreal Live Link Plugin is available for free download.

3D Models of Military War Vehicles are available for download


You can get these Military 3d models of war vehicles offered by the Unreal Engine marketplace for free. If you’re working on a 3d war scene for concept art, video games, or a scene from a movie in virtual production.

Six well-modeled and mapped ready-to-use military vehicles, dubbed the “Vigilante collection,” include a war helicopter (AH-64D Apache Longbow US), two tanks (M1A1 Abrams Tank, M-1973 152-mm Gun Akatsiya (SPA) – Russia).

You can also download a fighter plane (Fighter F / A-18C Hornet).), as well as two large vehicles (Ural Typhoon MRAP (RUS) and M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle).

M1A1 ABRAMS American Main Battle TANK

M1A1 ABRAMS American main battle TANK
image source unrealengine.com

For enhanced protection, the Vigilante M1A1 Abrams Tank is equipped with a 120 mm smoothbore cannon and sophisticated composite armour reinforced with depleted uranium mesh. It’s completely rigged for animation and comes with desert and woodland textures.

Download M1A1 Abrams Tank 3D model

AH-64D APACHE Twin-turboshaft Attack Helicopter

AH-64D APACHE Twin-turboshaft Attack Helicopter 3D model
image source unrealengine.com

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is a twin-turboshaft attack helicopter with Desert and Forest backdrops, dynamic wheels and rotors, M230 30mm Automatic Cannon, and Hydra Rocket Launcher as standard equipment. DIS/HLA (RPR FOM) integration is available on this vehicle. You can use this model in simulations also. Download AH-64D Apache Longbow

Russian MRAP Ural Typhoon 3D War Vehicles Models

Russian MRAP Ural Typhoon-UE-3d-model
image source unrealengine.com

Russian MRAP Ural Typhoon is completely rigged aThe Russian MRAP Ural Typhoon is fully rigged and ready for animation, with animated wheels, a rotor, and a 7.62 mm HMG general-purpose machine gun. Desert and Forest’s textures are included. DIS/HLA (RPR FOM) integration is available on this vehicle. Download Russian MRAP Ural Typhoon 3D Model

FIGHTER McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet

FIGHTER McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet 3D Model
image source unrealengine.com

The F/A-18C Hornet Fighter Jet is completely rigged and you can animate in your wone style. The F/A-18C Hornet Fighter including animated wheels, canopy, flaps, and a 20mm internal gun in the nose. This vehicle is equipped with DIS/HLA (RPR FOM) integration. It’s made to be used in simulations. Download Fighter F/A-18C Hornet 3D model

M-1973 152-mm Gun Akatsiya (SPA)

M-1973 152-mm Gun Akatsiya (SPA) Russia 3D Model
image source unrealengine.com

The Vigilante M-1973 152-mm Akatsiya (SPA) Military ware Vehicle model is a fully rigged 152-mm Akatsiya (SPA) with a modified tracked chassis, desert, and woodland graphics, and a 152-mm cannon. Downlad M-1973 152-mm Gun Akatsiya

The M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle

The M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle Model Layer-16-min
image source unrealengine.com

The 8-wheeled M1126 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle is fully rigged and included with Desert and Forest textures, as well as animated wheels, hatches, and an M2.50 cal. turret. The DIS/HLA (RPR FOM) integration is included in this 3D vehicle. Download M-1126 Stryker

How to make realistic foam in Blender?


Why are there so few instructions showing how to get realistic foam? wonders this new Bad Normals tutorial. The tutorial demonstrates how to make super-realistic soap foam in Blender.
You’ll be able to figure out the coffee one if you know how to generate soap foam.

KeenTools Adds Blendshape Nodes for Nuke


KeenTools has released a new upgrade with dozens of improvements and three new nodes that bring blendshapes to Nuke.

Create and Animate Blendshape shapes in Nuke using KeenTools

The most important part of this release is the three new nodes reinforcing Nuke with blendshapes. Now, it’s possible to create a new geometry out of objects with similar topology and then animate it, without switching to another software.

Users can also join animated geometries and mix them with different ratios. Geometry with blendshapes can be passed to GeoTracker, where a user can track it and then animate the blendshapes on the already tracked geometry.

And finally, the FACS node creates 51 ARKit-compatible FACS blendshapes for FaceBuilder geometry right in Nuke, so it’s possible to animate a FaceBuilder head, or track it with FaceTracker and then adjust expressions using the blendshapes. All three nodes are free while in beta. Watch the short overview to see how they work.

KeenTools Viewport Stabilisation

To help users keep a tracking process as precise as possible and increase the keyframe consistency, the developers revamped the viewport stabilisation in GeoTracker and FaceTracker. It now stabilises the viewer around the object or around selected pins wherever they reside on the screen. The short video guide can be found here

Other Improvements

Both Nuke and Blender FaceBuilder versions have been reworked from scratch and got a new auto-reducing algorithm for pins that smoothes the facebuilding process.

In addition, the Blender add-on now uses a local viewport with better performance and has user preferences.
One more thing — a proper FaceBuilder for Blender updater was finally added. No need to download and delete .zip files manually, just push the buttons and follow the instructions on the tool panel.

The full list of updates in Nuke plugins

  • JoinBlendshapes and MixBlendshapes nodes- FACS blendshapes node for FaceBuilder
  • Exporting animated FACS blendshapes from FaceTracker
  • Reworked FaceBuilder node- Auto-reducing pins in FaceBuilder- Reworked viewer stabilisation
  • Better performance in FaceBuilder when used with expressions
  • Better UX in tracking over keyframes: they don’t just stop tracking anymore- Better tracking and pin tooling performance
  • Bone animation can now be exported within a .chan file- Pre-analysis in GeoTracker and FaceTracker can now be properly automated- Better pre-analysis dialogue in FaceTracker and GeoTracker- New, more stable Hardware ID- Loads of minor fixes and improvements

What’s new in FaceBuilder for Blender

Auto-updating functionality (the last time you need to update it manually)
Auto-reducing pins- Better performance with expressions- Added user settings- Local viewport, better performance

You can download the updated plugins from the KeenTools website. 30 days of a fully functional trial included.

How to Rig a Car in Blender Without Using Addons


There are a number of rigging add-ons available for Blender that allow you to construct a car rig. These are fine, but if you’ve ever wondered how to make one on your own, take a look at Christoph Werner’s new tutorial.

Basic rig setup to control a car in Blender Without using Addons

Christoph demonstrates how to rig a car model in Blender, allowing you to drive a vehicle down a custom-defined path. You’ll be able to specify the vehicle’s driving direction and speed, and it will respond. The wheels rotate by using the correct revolution, even if it means going backward.

The rig’s car driver also operates realistically, moving the steering wheel in the direction it is currently pointing.

Draw Groom Guides creates Procedural Hair & fur in Maya


UnPlug has released a new Draw Groom Guides Autodesk Maya plugin that creates procedural and art-directable guides for hair and fur. Create hand-drawn art-directed groom guides directly on Hair-Fur volume meshes also procedurally align them within the volume bounds with Draw Groom Guides.

Draw Groom Guides Key Features include

  • Create Hand Draw art-directed Groom guides directly on Hair-Fur Volume meshes & Procedurally Align them within the volume bounds.
  • Create Complex Groom Guides WITHIN JUST A FEW MINUTES.
  • SAVE HOURS IN THE PRODUCTION PROCESS!! that goes into modelling and sculpting complex Long and Short Groom guides for similarly Hair Plugins.
  • Complete Root-Tip Graph-based shape custom controls for each hand-drawn guide view guides as Tube-meshes for better Visualization.
  • Display or hide-unhide controls for guides, or guide-CVs, custom root-points & Hairtube-meshes.

The Draw Groom Guides Tool is compatible with Maya 2017 and later (All Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux).

Single License: $35+ (1 user PC)
Pair License ($50+) (2 user PCs)
$80 plus a four-pack licence (upto 4 user PCs)
Studio License (up to 20 users / PCs): $385+
Studio License ($710+) (Unlimited users / PCs), DrawGroomGuides 1.5 can be downloaded here.

Learn More