Braid Maker Tool Creates Braids In Maya Over Custom Curves


Braid Maker is A Highly Art-directable procedural Braids Designing-Tool for Autodesk Maya. Artists can create complicated & natural searching Braid Models with curves with just a button click, and populate particular searching Braids within some seconds & mins.

Braid Maker Tool For Maya Create Highly Art-directable Procedural Braids

Key Features include :

  • Creates Braid Procedural setups with graph-based controls for braid width, shape, twist, roll, etc.
  • Creates Braids over custom curves, like artistic-shaped curves overhead scalps.
  • Edit all controls real-time ‘on-the-fly’.
  • Bake Braid-shapes after the edit, to convert them to plain standard polygon & curves-based braids. you can buy the tool for $30 from gumroad.

You can also use the Ornatrix Hair-styling tool for creating braids in Maya

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