Make Camera Animation Workflow Faster With VirtuCamera


This is the plugin to create stunning camera animations in Maya with a phone camera using VirtuCamera App. You can forget about the hassle of manual keyframing with VirtuCamera.  

This Maya plugin works simply by connecting an iOS device with a DCC tool. The company developing a plugin for Blendr and also the Andriod app for connecting VirtuCamera with a DCC.

Capture Live Camera motion in Maya with VirtuCamera

Using the app we can create a faster workflow for 3D layout cameras and camera animation. You can move the device in any direction virtuCamera captures device camera motions and live viewport streaming data.

All collected data and sends them over Wi-Fi to 3D software which records the movement as keyframes. Features include the ability to change cameras at any time. You can also record focal length with a slider, scale camera movements to travel longer distances.

VirtuCamera Ios App
  • Streaming Live Viewport
    The Viewport streaming is captured in your scene via the app in real-time. The VirtuCamera streams device motion and viewport and transmits the viewport via Wi-Fi so you don’t miss any details.
  • Check the scene from the app
    Playback, select from the scene camera and animate the focal length or scale the camera movement to travel long distances.
  • Motion and visualization streaming for devices up to 60 FPS are captured and sent at up to 60 frames per second. This parameter can be configured as needed.
  • Camera stabilizer
    Removes unwanted hand noise and creates smooth camera animations.
  • Create your own button to call your custom script directly from your custom script app.
  • Plugin Open Source
    VirtuCamera is compatible with Autodesk Maya software the plugin develop in Python.
  • The developers plan to release new plugins for other 3D software like Blender etc.

System Requirements for plugin

  • PC or Mac powerful enough to play 3D scenes.
  • Windows®, Mac OS® or Linux® operating system.
  • High-speed Internet and Stable WiFi connection.
  • Working copy of Autodesk® Maya® 2017 (or later) software.
  • The latest version of the plug-in provided on the web page.

 Ios App Requirements 

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch con iOS 12.1 o later You can know more at the Virtucamra website.

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