Tiger Rig For Autodesk Maya By Cgspectrum online Animation school


CG Spectrum is an online school for visual effects, animation, modeling, concept design, and game programming.  They resale free quadruped tiger rig. Take your animation skills to the next level and start learning creature animation with Quadraped Tiger Rig.

Learn how to use Cgspectrum tiger rig

The rig Crafted by three of CG Spectrum expert mentors – including Jeremy Chinn, 3D Modeler on Life of Pi, Morgan Loomis, Animation TD from Weta Digital, and Steve Budd, Animator on Ted.

Cgspectrum  free tiger rig features

  1. Feature Film Quality Rig
  2. Low-Res Animation Rig
  3. Facial Animation Rig
  4. Fully Textured


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