Character Rigging in 3ds Max Using CAT


Miloš Černý has released a series of tutorials on how to rig a character in 3ds Max, using the CAT animation system. If you don’t know what CAT is, 3ds Max CAT (Character Animation Toolkit) is an animation system inside Max that offers a lot of useful features. This series of tutorials will help you gain a good knowledge of rigging for beginners to advanced users.

Miloš Černý has explained every step of rigging and skinning a 3D character from start to finish. This is part one starts rigging the character, by creating bones for the torso and legs. You will learn, what is rigging, why we do rigs, how to set up bones properly, how to correctly place the bones, what is a pivot point and why it’s one of the most important things during the rigging process, and much more. This tutorial used Cooper 3D Model for rigging, you can also use different model which can download from our free 3D models.

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