Character Rigging in Maya with Advanced Skeleton


Hi guys, this is the tutorial series For Animators about how to rig Character with Advanced Skeleton in Maya. Character Rigging in Autodesk Maya makes simple with the Advanced Skeleton auto rigging tool. The tool produces high-quality feature character and creature rigs. Advanced Skeleton is free for noncommercial use. The company reduced the cost for freelancers licenses and individuals which is well worth the cost.

This tutorial series teaches by David Mattock, He is a professional artist who worked for many high-quality feature film character and creature rigs. In this tutorial series, you can learn everything you need. Get started from installing the tool to completing a rigged character complete with full body and facial animation controls.

David Mattock show you how to Rig Character  in Maya with Advanced Skeleton

David Mattock, this series with five rigging tutorial videos, coved all errors and mistakes you may face so it is true and honest. It’s better to show how to overcome problems that may arise in production. In this first video, David shows how to prepare your character 3D model for the next step. So it works through the process to avoid errors later.

 How to place Joint in Maya with Advanced Skeleton

This is the part two tutorial, about how to do Joint Placement form the character skeleton that created by the Advanced Skeleton tool, Good joint placement is very important to get good deformation when we bind and skin the character, good Joint Placement and skinning making our animation look more real.

Maya Character Rigging with Advanced Skeleton, part 3 how to Skin Character Rig

This is part three tutorial, about How to do Skinning for Character Rig and paint skin weights on the joints. We will go over an easy way to bind the character mesh to the joints using Advanced Skeletons easy cage system, then copy those weights to your character geometry. you can also learn the basics of joint weight painting, using the add replace and smooth brush tools to tell Maya where exactly each joint will affect the vertices and how much weight.

This is part four tutorial, about how to Rigg the face of our 3D character with the free auto rigging tool ‘Advanced Skeleton. we already learn some basic weight painting, hear we can learn setting up the facial rig as we add markers to the face where our deformation will be. Good facial rigging is important for animating lip-syncing and facial expressions.

Finalizing the rig ,adding control and manipulation

This is the final part of the tutorial, finalize the rig and polish some of the joints’ skin weights on the characters’ body and clothes. demonstrate a few extra helpful tools, like corrective blendshapes to fix the eyelashes. Also a bonus of adding custom controllers to the dress geometry for added control and manipulation. with is the final setup you can now bring your own characters to life for animation.


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