Creating 3D Isometric Animations With Cinema 4D and After Effects


learn how to create 3D Isometric style animations inside of both Cinema 4D and After Effect, Creating Isometric Animations in Cinema 4D and After Effects Topics Include

Creating 3D Isometric Animations Cinema 4D

3D Isometric Animations

• Easily creating a maze using a Maze Generator Website (
• Differences between Isometric and Parallel cameras in Cinema 4D
• Creating an Isometric Camera inside of Cinema 4D that is compatible with compositing elements in After Effects using Cineware
• Using Cineware to composite 3D elements with 3D layers in After Effects
• Learning how to create an Isometric Camera completely inside of After Effects
• Using Extruded Shape Layers in After Effects using the Cinema 4D Renderer
• Tip and tricks for creating an animation using an Isometric Camera

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