Cinema4D Naming Tool Tutorial Clean Up And Organize your Project


In this quick Cinema4D tutorial Joren Kandel shows a couple of tricks for Cinema4D Naming Tool and cleaning up your C4D project files, using the C4D Naming Tool. fast.

Cinema4D Naming Tool Tutorial

Cinema4D Naming Tool Tutorial

If you are in Cinema 4D, there is good news, as this tutorial kind of touches on both those. Here, the Pixel Lab’s Joren Kandel, shows a couple of different ways tat you can clean up and organize your C4D project, making it much more manageable and a pleasure to work with.  Joren covers using C4D’s native Naming Tool. A little while back, The Pixel Lab showed how to quickly set up and edit lighting setups in C4D using the underused Lighting Tool. Well guess what… Right under the lighting tool, exists the C4D Naming tool.  As you can guess, the Naming Tool will allow you to apply a bit of project management and house cleaning to your C4D file. You can easily name and manage tons of items in C4D with the helpful Naming Tool, with super-human speed.

You can get the model used here:

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