Circle VFX Breakdown By Ixor VFX


IXOR’s Circle VFX Breakdown (Part 01) for the Swedish feature Film “Cirkeln”.
On-Set Supervision to final delivery of +320 vfx shots including set extensions, fire and smoke, digital doubles and matte paintings.

Circle VFX Breakdown Circle VFX Breakdown Circle VFX Breakdown Circle VFX Breakdown Circle VFX BreakdownCGI VFX Breakdown Circle In-VFX Breakdown by Ixor VFX

Circle VFX Breakdown

An otherworldly evil is slipping into a small town in Sweden. Six unrelated girls have been chosen to fight this evil. Together they must overcome their differences in order to save themselves and the world.
Director: Levan Akin
Writers: Levan Akin (screenplay), Sara Bergmark Elfgren (novel)
IXOR was established in 2005 and offers CG visuals / 3D Animation & Visual Effects Services.
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