Constantine The Saint VFX Breakdown From Lip VFX


This remarkable VFX Breakdown form lipvfx Constantine The Saint VFX Breakdown of Last Resorts for the television series Constantine Ep 109 on NBC, via the talented staff at principal looking Pirates!

Constantine The Saint VFX Breakdown From Lip VFX

Constantine The Saint VFX Breakdown

This was a terrific episode to work on. It was an awfully visual effects packed episode with a first-rate variety of labor, from set extension to creature work. There was also some difficult FX work like water and fabric simulation. The Invunche, a frightening immortal creature that used to be discovered within the depths of the sewers, came with it’s own set of challenges.
Apart from some first rate designs from the artwork division, we got the course that the Invunche used to be supposed to move like a contortionist and didn’t particularly need to obey the legal guidelines of physics but instead capture an eerie feeling that anything used to be very off in his action. This made the animators highly happy and it gave us various ingenious freedom to test with some fairly scary animations. However the riggers confronted an actual set of challenges coming up with a rig capable to curl and switch in unnatural instructional materials. Subsequently it was the collaboration between rigging, animation and shot sculpting that nailed the final look of this creepy character, and we have to say that we consider it became out first-rate!

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