Convert Video To 3D Animation With Kinetix Service


This is a new way of animating for all creative minds that you want. Technology is growing all over the world in all industries including our CG industry. Animation is a big part of creating process of 3d movies and games, with these new tools like MetaHuman Creator and, we can make this very simple that anyone can create animation without any knowledge. Kinetix announced a beta version of its cloud service that produces a 3D animation character from a single video source.

The tool works on a cloud-based platform, so you can simply use it in any web browser for converting video to animation. You need to upload a video for creating animation, a Kinetix support video that shoots by yourself, or any MP4 video including YouTube videos. Kinetix is able to generate an animated 3D character from any source within seconds.

How To Turn Your Video Into 3D Animation With KinetiX

Want to take your animation to the next level? Easily tweek and personalize your animation so that it feels just how you want it.

You can try the tool and out more on

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