Create Fire and Burning Woods Using Maya Fluids and Emission Maps


This is tutorial series about Create Fire and Burning Woods using Maya Fluids and Emission Maps by Reza sarkameri, so we are happy to make know about him and his training service to our industry he has huge command knowledge on CG Applications and certified by CG industry leading software’s, Maya Certified Professional, a Nuke Certified Trainer, and an Adobe Certified Specialist. Now lets go to the series.

How create fire in Maya using emission maps

Learn how to create fire quickly using Maya Fluids and emission maps. string from As usual basic with create form 3D fluid container and tweak Density and Temperature values to begin with. Then we add force fields and polish the shading roll out to complete the fire effect. finalize our simulation by adding particle system to our scene.
If you want to download HDR image used in the tutorial you can download it for form HDRMAPS.

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