Create Hair Textures for games Using Different Method


Hi guys, this detailed 1 hour tutorial by Sathish Koththolla, in this tutorial he teaches you about how to create Hair Textures for games. Creation covering the whole production of the hair cards for games from start to finish using Autodesk Maya.

The tutorial focuses on achieving the realistic hair texture inspired by Post Malone’s hairstyles.

Learn how to Create hair textures for games

This tutorial will be a good choice for both beginners and experienced artists since the video also has some interface explanations and a few additional tips and tricks.

“This video tutorial series creating Hair Textures will be continuing. This is one of my methods to get hair textures when you want to create games. It gives very good results for me. Please subscribe to my channel and follow me on Artstation for upcoming video tutorials and breakdowns. All the hairstyles you’re seeing in the collage are made with just 4k to 5k polygon counts. If you wanna download a sample hair texture and material along with the hairstyle that I made.”

What you going to  leran

  1. How to Cleaning out the card before texturing.
  2. Adjusting the density and the count of polygons, and creating the curve.
  3. Redesign and Simulating the haircut on the ends for realistic results.
  4. working with height, normal, albedo, and flow maps.

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