Thin Film In Redshift Using Cinema 4D to Create Colorful Output


We Already know Redshift is the world’s first fully GPU-accelerated, biased renderer with a lot of other futures. In this tutorial Let’s create a fantastic Thin Film In Redshift using Cinema 4D.

Create Thin Film In Redshift Using Cinema 4D

Using redshift Plugin we can create different nodes and colorful outputs with cinema 4d. This tutorial by Aleksei Karpik, about how to create a Thin Film node in Cinema 4D. The node allows you to create iridescent highlights material on your render.

A redshift film node in c4d allows you to create some nice iridescent highlights on your render. Just plug in the black & white mask and enjoy the colorful output. you can download the Thin Film node for Redshift on Gumroad.


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