Digimon Renamon Rig Free Download With Idle Animation


Check out this cartoon Digimon Renamon Rig for Maya users. Rig has advanced controls with IK/FK switches with bend controls for creating arcs and strong poses.The rig has less facialĀ  controls witch not good for facial animation.

Random created Rig in Maya 2019. He worked as freelancer on characters and animations for games and movies. The download file include Model with rig in Maya file and FBX with idle animation.

Use the rig for non-commercial purposes only, like animation exercises, personal demo reels, animation contests, etc.


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  1. Remind me to rate it later, otherwise I’ll forget. This model looks excellent! I’d have to convert it into a proper file format style for my rendering engines to recognize it, but I’m really looking forward to seeing this model dance and interact in a VR world.


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