Digital Human 3D character With Facial Animation from Unity


Unity offers a free Digital Human project with 3D characters including facial animation, this project is mainly for learning purposes so it is has a restricted license you can use only for non-commercial purposes.

unity The Heretic Digital Human 3d

How to setup Digital Human 3D character in unity

While working on the realistic digital human in The Heretic, the Demo Team needed to set up a complete data pipeline, from the acquisition of 3D and 4D data through processing and into the setup in Unity. unity developed some technologies to enable this.

While a lot more work remains to be done in the future, we’re sharing what unity has today, so that you can look into the current state of our efforts. You’re free to use these tools in your productions and build on top of them as you see fit.

Here’s what’s included in the Digital Human Project

Facial animation systems
• Tools for 4D clip import and processing. When we say 4D, we mean a sequence of meshes captured over time.
• 4D clip rendering with timeline integration and 4D frame fitting, allowing detailed injection from the facial rig.
• Integration of facial rig from Snappers.
• Pose facial rig directly in Unity Skin attachment system
• Drive meshes and transforms in relation to dynamically deforming skin.
• Used to drive eyebrows, eyelashes, stubble, and logical markers.
• Accelerated by C# Job System and Burst Compiler.
Shaders and rendering
• Full shader graphs for skin/eyes/teeth/hair as seen in The Heretic.
• Custom pass for cross-material normal buffer blur (tear line) and marker-driven occlusion for eyes and teeth.

Unity also releasing the character Gawain, a digital character modeled after British actor Jake Fairbrother. We are making this 3D character available to you for the purpose of learning, research, and similar non-commercial use intended for the advancement and sharing of knowledge in the space of real-time graphics and content creation.

Please note: The digital character in this package is provided under a restricted license for educational and non-commercial use only and attribution to Unity is required. Get DigitalHuman

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