Create Disintegration Using nCloth Solver in Maya.


Hi guys, this is a tutorial about how to create a simple disintegration using nCloth solver in Maya.  this is a new tutorial by Reza sarkameri, so we are happy to make know about him and his training service to our industry, He has huge command knowledge on CG Applications, and he is certified by CG industry-leading software’s, Maya Certified Professional, a Nuke Certified Trainer, and an Adobe Certified Specialist. Now let’s go to the series.

Crate Disintegration Effect Using nCloth Properties

Learn step by step, prepare the scene, and the type of force fields and solvers you need to achieve the look you desire. finally, create a quick disintegration effect using Maya’s nCloth.

If you want the hand model used in this video you have to purchase a model, you can also try with a free hand model available in our downloads.

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