Douglas the Corgi Dog Maya Character Rig By Brandon Schaal


Maya quadruped Character Rig Douglas the Corgi Dog, release By Brandon Schaal, it might be small in stature, but it has a big heart, is eager to please, and it is free to a good home. Douglas is free Maya rig to download and use for non-commercial purposes only, such as 11s club contest, animation practice, demo reel shots, etc. More detailed terms of use can be found below and are included with the download.

Douglas the Corgi Dog Maya Rig free download

Brandon Schaal goal with this character and rig was to bring his favorite dog breed to life inside of Maya and to give animators an extremely expressive, lovable dog rig to practice with. Creating this rig and character has been a massive learning experience for me and he will hopefully be the first of many characters he releases!

Technical Information

Software: Maya 2018+ recommended

Everything included in this download:

Douglas Rig
Douglas Proxy Rig
4k Diffuse and Specular maps for body and eyes
Picker for AnimSchool picker

Unfortunately, because of how expressive and flexible I wanted to make Douglas, the rig struggles to reach real-time playback speeds. This can be a hassle, so I’ve included a stripped-down proxy rig that you can reference swap in to help speed things up.

Issues / Questions / Requests?
If you have any rig problems, questions, requests, or feedback, please feel free to contact by email at [email protected]

Terms of Use
Douglas is free to download and use for non-commercial purposes only. By downloading the rig you agree to the following:

1. You CAN make modification(s) to Douglas and his rig, but you are forbidden from redistributing Douglas with the modification(s).

2. If you want to offer the modification(s) to others, you must send it to me for consideration and distribution.

3. You are forbidden from using Douglas in any content that is excessively violent, promotes animal abuse, or is pornographic in nature. Please try to keep content containing Douglas PG-13.

4. Crediting me for the rig is not required, but is very much appreciated. However, I reserve the right to use any uploaded videos containing Douglas for promotional purposes (e.g. A video showcasing multiple animation pieces with my rig). Proper credit WILL be provided for any video I use.

Change Log
Any major changes to the rig or download will be listed here.


Initial release!


The fixed flipping issue on the tail and tongue when curled too far in the X-axis.
Adjusted some skin weights on the nose tip.


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