Download Conan Warrior Biped Character Rig for Maya


The Conan is a warrior biped character that comes with advanced controls like FK/IK and dedicated facial controls for facial expressions.

Conan warrior-3d-character Rig

Conan Warrior Character Rig By Truong CG Artist

The downloaded file also comes with a separate axe prop file, which can easily be imported to the project file as a reference when you want animat.

Technical Information
Software: Maya 2014 (or higher)
Rigged using Advanced Skeleton.
Maya scene files include: the rigged character reference this file into your animation scene and render, the lighting was setup already (mental ray). Use Render_cam for the best results.

Texture folder: all the texture files (color, normal, specular). Remember to set the project, so all the textures can be loaded automatically.


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