Download Free Cloudy Overcast HDRI With ACES Version

We know HDRI maps help to create the most realistic renders, we collect some useful HDRI maps for you. Cloudy Overcast HDRI These are great for dome lights and environment lighting on a cloudy day with soft diffuse lighting.
There are blurred 2k HDR is great as a GI/Diffuse only light to mix with your own area and directional lights for more control.  You can read ACEScg files converted in directly as Raw. They are attached in a 7zip file attached to the downlaod.
About the author

Saul Espinosa shared this Cloudy Overcast HDRI for all CG artists. He had worked for many commercial projects on CG environments & matte paintings or more projection-based matte painting work.

Download file Includes:

  • Maps 2x 8k 16-bit HDR EXR’s, 1x pre-converted into ACEScg
  • 2x 8k LDR Tonemapped Backplate’s in PNG format, 1x pre-converted into ACEScg
  • 2x 2k 16-bit Blurred HDR EXR’s, 1x pre-converted into ACEScg


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