Download Moon Displacement Map With High Resolution


VFX Assets creating a lot of free and paid stuff which help CG artist to create more stuff. It has recently released a free 46,080 x 23,040-pixel displacement map of the Moon. With these, texture maps we can create detailed renders of the moon surface seen from space. You can also download moon textures released by NASA which adds more realism to renders output.

displacement map of the Moon

The paid version moon displacement Map also available with a high resolution of 184,320 x 92,160px, it costs CAD $30. Last time VFX Assets has shared a displacement map of the Earth, with a resolution of 48k 200 x 21,600px. These maps and textures help to create space projects. You can use these assets for both commercial and non-commercial.

What you get in the file:

  • A sample of 16-bit 184320×92160 map cleaned and sliced by 32 tile textures 23040×23040 each. (corresponding at the udim 1014)
  • ABC model with UDIM UV mapping and 3D files with a setup UDIM workflow. ( HOUDINI, 3DSMAX )
  • Full Displacement map in 46k for your renders.

Due to the 25MB restriction for a free product on gumroad, you need to download the link in the text file to have the best resolution.


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