Download 6 Awesome Cartoon 3ds Max Rigs For Free


Yuri Muzyrya has released 6 awesome free cartoon character rigs for 3ds Max users. All the rigs are adjustable, that can be set up with minimal rigging skills beyond basic skinning.

3DS Max character rig with IK/FK stretchy spine, IK/FK stretchy limbs, IK/FK snap, Facial expressions GUI and cluster deformation, Quick and stable, proven on literally hundreds of characters in CG-production.

You can download MultiMax if you’re interested in his paid rig. It’s a customizable 3ds Max character rig with advanced controls which can be used in film production.

About Author

Yuri Muzyrya is a professional 3D Generalist/Rigger with over a decade of experience in production and game development. He is currently employed by MPC Project as a TechAnim(CFX) artist for an upcoming feature film. Download all Rigs

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