Blender Robot Character Rig With Rig UI for Animation


We need new character rigs to animate new things Regularly. Oliver Simonnet, bring This free Blender Robot Character Rig for animators. This is the advanced Blender Rig that helps you better animater robotic animation. Robot Character Rig has IK / FK Switching on arms and legs w/ pole vectoring with Limb isolation from torso rotation.

Free download MT-103 Blender Robot Character Rig

The MT-103 Character robot Rig has advanced features with Detachable limbs and hips for independent animation. Anchor points on the hands (shared between Ik and FK) where you can parent/pin objects. Reverse foot rig setup with a foot roll mechanism and Animation masking Aldo Rig UI + Custom Properties.

The rig is updated few times. If you have existing animation, you can apply these updates by downloading and linking the new rig into your scene. Then to apply your existing animation select the rig and within the action, the editor assigns an existing MT103 “actions” within your scene to the new rig. A robotic character rig to use as you. Please try and remember to give credit if used Rig.


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