Download Free Scattering G Scatter Plugin For Blender


Blender Vegetation Developer Tools Graswald released G Scatter. A convenient free scattering plugin based on the new Geometry Nodes features introduced in Blender 2.93.

It allows you to spread any object over a surface and control its appearance, changing density, scale, rotation, and more. You can use it to rapidly create natural environments like grasslands or forests. G Scatter allows users to stream 3D models to surfaces within Blender.

Download Free G Scatter plugin for Blender

The plugin is user-friendly for scattering works that work on Geometry Nodes-based scattering add-on available for everyone. It is mainly designed to populate 3D scenes with environmental objects like plants or rocks, but it could be used to scatter any 3D model. The plugin can also be used with other 3D installations of the Graswald library, of which 78 can download free through Gtry.

The paid version of  Graswald and Graswald Pro provides more advanced diffusion options, as well as seasonal controls and color variations, and wind physics to plants and grass.

Pricing and system requirements

You can download G Scatter plugin for free to use in Blender 2.93 and the latest versions. But it currently in beta.

The paid version Graswald starts from $46 and the pro costs $99 for a single personal license. If you want to complete Graswals 3D plant library. You need to pay another $79 separately for individuals and $179 for a team license. Download plugin and know more.

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