High Quality Material Textures Including Normal Maps, Displacement Maps


This free pack contains a collection of seamless high-quality Material Textures to use with UV-mapped objects and environments. Kevin worked on this pack and created 11 new material textures with maps. Worked to make them seamless and got them in both 4K and 2K.

High Quality Material Textures

Each texture comes in seamless 2k and 4K resolution png-files, including normals, height map (displacement), smoothness (inverse of roughness), and if applicable, metallic map.

Tip: If you are in need of roughness maps instead of smoothness maps, these are essentially just inverted. Use a color inverter in between the texture and the shader, or simply open them up in an image software like photoshop or gimp and inverse the colors. You can also gain more control over the effects by using color ramps in your set-ups.

Download links are Here :

2K Resolution (208 MB)

4K Resolution (863 MB)

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