Download Icarus Astronaut Maya Rig For Space Projects


We collect an amazing Icarus Astronaut Maya Rig for space projects. The character rigged with mGeare. This is an Open source rigging and animation framework for Autodesk Maya it has proven to be a stable, efficient solution for the Maya rigging pipeline.

Icarus Astronaut Maya Rig

This Rig has advanced controls with IK/FK switch and a picker to make animation work easier. You need to install Mgear mell script to use Astronaut Maya Rig with full functionality you can download it here.

There is great teamwork to bring this Icarus Rig forward with advanced features. Israel Gomez Simon did this Icarus Astronaut 3d model and Cosmonaut with texturing. Guillermo Moreno Alfaro, who did Environment art, lighting, and tech art for the Rig. The camera layout, all rigging, and animation: Emilio Serrano Garcia.


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