Spider Gwen Rig Fully Flexible for Body Mechanics Animation


Create CG is always fiending new CG resources for you to give batter services. Hear you, can fiend new Spider Gwen Rig for Maya 2016 and above. A fully flexible animation rig for animators. The female rig is with advanced controls and flexible for both cartoony and realistic animation.

spider rgwen Rig

Create awesome  body mechanics animation with Spider Gwen Rig

Fine-tune your body mechanics with this awesome character Spider girl rig. This is a free rig you can download. You can support the artist by donations, it helps towards the making of more rigs in the future.

The model provided by Brian Bedford and Rigged by Anthony Faulkner. You can contact and share your ideas and animation with Rigging artist email, [email protected].

Use for non-commercial purposes only, like animation exercises, personal demo reels, animation contests, etc.

You can also download Male Spider Rig witch is available on our downloads page.


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