Waitress Advanced Maya Character Rig For Animation


Santiago Calle shares a new Maya character Rig Waitress which was model by François BOQUET. The Waitress Woman Rig has advanced controls Like IK/FK and Bend controls for creating strong pose arcs when you animate the complex scenes.

Download Free Waitress Character Rig for Maya

It has Extra sub-global control for positioning character when you parent the main Ctrl. Follow attribute for leg and hand pole vector for faster workflow. This girl rig has World parent for head control, Eyelids influence attribute for eye aim control. The rig also has advanced controls for facial animation which allows you to manage Pupil size and iris size.

Waitress animation Rig

If we came to the technical specification Rig created in Autodesk Maya 2020 using advanced skeleton.

You can also download the waitress rig model if you are interested in Rigging your wone character setup. It is available in different formats 3ds Max 2016 or more, Blender V2.83.0, also.FBX.OBJ.

Use for non-commercial purposes only, like animation exercises, personal demo reels, animation contests, etc.


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