Draw Groom Guides creates Procedural Hair & fur in Maya


UnPlug has released a new Draw Groom Guides Autodesk Maya plugin that creates procedural and art-directable guides for hair and fur. Create hand-drawn art-directed groom guides directly on Hair-Fur volume meshes also procedurally align them within the volume bounds with Draw Groom Guides.

Draw Groom Guides Key Features include

  • Create Hand Draw art-directed Groom guides directly on Hair-Fur Volume meshes & Procedurally Align them within the volume bounds.
  • Create Complex Groom Guides WITHIN JUST A FEW MINUTES.
  • SAVE HOURS IN THE PRODUCTION PROCESS!! that goes into modelling and sculpting complex Long and Short Groom guides for similarly Hair Plugins.
  • Complete Root-Tip Graph-based shape custom controls for each hand-drawn guide view guides as Tube-meshes for better Visualization.
  • Display or hide-unhide controls for guides, or guide-CVs, custom root-points & Hairtube-meshes.

The Draw Groom Guides Tool is compatible with Maya 2017 and later (All Platforms: Windows, Mac & Linux).

Single License: $35+ (1 user PC)
Pair License ($50+) (2 user PCs)
$80 plus a four-pack licence (upto 4 user PCs)
Studio License (up to 20 users / PCs): $385+
Studio License ($710+) (Unlimited users / PCs), DrawGroomGuides 1.5 can be downloaded here.

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