Better Solution for Creating Dual Knee And Elbow Setup In Maya


Nazmi Yazıcı show you how to create  Dual Knee And Elbow Setup usage of Driven Keys and a few node-work in Maya’s Node editor. In the final result  you have a pretty good  working IK/FK switch that blends with out any popping.

Creating Dual Knee and Elbow Setup in Maya using Blend Nodes

What makes Nazmi’s approach precise? “In the usual way you have to duplicate the IK joint chain twice(these chains are for noFlip and PoleVector), and then those duplicated joint chains combination for the original IK chain — Which is time-eating and might result in mistakes quickly, more nodes and gadgets brought to the rig. In my version, there is no need for duplicate joint chains. also know  Basics Of Rigging Maya FK IK space-switching in Autodesk Maya  for Character’s Arm

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