Dude Rig Released for Maya Users by Ahmed Shalaby


Hi guys Check out this free awesome Dude Rig by Ahmed Shalaby , He is character TD  who worked for many projects, he like to solve technical issues of animation and how to make animators lives much more easier.

Dude rig released for Maya users

Dude rig it is their first cartoon man character rig released for Maya users rig has advanced rigging system with facial rig. Please mind that rig is pretty susceptible to changes and edits, and to keep up to date.

They are planing to release  more 3D characters,they will be released soon. if you are willing to be one of rig testers , please let them know , send an e-mail to :[email protected] it would be super nice send details who you are, your title , and nicer to send along a link to Demo-reel/Portfolio.

Also you can contribute to upcoming forms and changes by comments and suggestions ,if you join the ShalabyRigs Group on Facebook.



  1. Hello sir, In this Dude rig file texture file is missing. can i have tat texture file, if i could have that texture file then i can use this model in my animation demo reel. If you upload it with texture i will be very help full. This is a very nice & detail rig. Thank you so much for sharing this rig .

  2. Hi,

    I just downloaded the rig and it’s looking really good!

    I did go in a modify the pelvis control so it only affects the hips. It was a really easy fix and gives more control that people are looking for.

    email me if this doesn’t make sense.


  3. Hi, The rig is amazing!

    I am having troubles with the textures and i was wondering if you are able to help. It seems like the textures for his clothes are tearing on my animated character. Can you please advice?

    Thank you.


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