EISKO New Maya Rig For Our Animatable Digital Doubles


EISKO New Maya Rig specialized in the capture and 3D reconstruction of humans) is releasing a new version of our rig for our animate-able digital doubles. To show our work, we’re giving out a free and fully rigged head model sample, as a preview.

EISKO New Maya Rig For Our Animate-able Digital Doubles

It functions a complete girl head model, in both low and excessive poly be counted, in addition to some quite neat physically-based 4K textures for face & head props, instantly from our seize system. If you specialise in video games, mobile, AR/VR/MR, just ensure you get the real-time render version. However, if you intend to perform a little pre-computed VFX paintings, in reality get the offline render sample. For extra facts, check out the readme files covered in every package deal. If you have doubts, you can manifestly down load both ­čśë and keep in mind to check your spam container just in case.

To download this free model, head to eisko This short video to get an idea of what you can get. And if you do try out our model, don’t hesitate to send your renders and aims our way!

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