Everything You Need To Know About Retopology In Blender


Retopology can be a difficult task for sculpting models and Blender’s tools aren’t the most intuitive. This tutorial helps you to know everything about retopology in the blender.

In this three-part series from Jamie Dunbar, about how Blender’s default retopology tools work and powerful addons to make faster Retopology in Blender.

Speed retopology work in Blender with Poly Build

You can download free Spyro and Gremlin models featured in the videos so that you can practice your retopology work as a bonus. (Use the code “free” at checkout to download the file free of charge)

Topics covered in the tutrial 

  • Speed Retopo Settings in Blender
  • Retopologising, ​Start Retopo: Vertex
  • Retopo with Polybuild and BSurface
  • Using the pie menu in Blender
  • Viewport display options
  • Align to X tool, Space tool, Relax tool, Rebuild shrinkwrap tool
  • Using Speed Retopo with the other Blender tools
  • Working with Bridge tool, Grid fill tool, GStretch tool.
  • Erasing BSurface lines
  • Creating cylindrial topology – legs & arms and eye
  • Working with flipped normals
  • Testing retopology with Subdivision modifier

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