Explode Voronoi Fractures Objects In Cinema 4D Using Mograph


Learn how to Explode Voronoi Fractures Objects into apart in Cinema 4D. This tutorial shows two techniques; one using Mograph effectors and using the xpExplode modifier inside X-Particles to blow apart your fractured objects. Learn how to trigger dynamics tags on multiple clones with xpresso, and how to art-direct the paths of the fragments as they blast into smithereens!

Explode Voronoi Fractures Objects In Cinema 4D

FREE Mograph version: https://gumroad.com/l/csnB

howevar with Premium Mograph version you can get

  • Has detailed instructions in an Annotation tag
  • Has HUD controls to art direct the explosion:
  • Allows you to set the frame the explosion starts on
  • Allows you to set the detonation force with a simple slider
  • Allows you to set the threshold to trigger dynamics with a simple slider
  • Has editable spin on the particles as they explode
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