FaceBuilder 2.1 With New Updates Released by KeenTools


FaceBuilder is grate plugin for creating 3d models with faceBulder you can create accurate 3d reconstructions from pictures or videos in Nuke and Blender. KeenTools released FaceBuilder 2.1  with new update to their plugins. FaceBuilder 2.1 got an automatic camera set up in Blender and multiple camera support in Nuke and 3D scan data direct in Blender or in Nuke for VFX compositing. The texture extraction was significantly improved.

FaceBuilder 2.1  Automatic camera setup

You can generate 3D head model creation form single photo the FaceBuilder development tools make it even easier to use in Blender. Until recently, you needed photos shot with a single camera and same settings which you later had to set up in FaceBuilder manually.

FaceBuilder will set up the focal length and the sensor size for each photo. If there’s EXIF data, it will be used and you’ll get very precise results. If there’s no EXIF data, the estimation will be used in a smart way taking into account the dimensions of every photo. Still, if you need to set up everything manually, developers keep the manual control option.

FaceBuilder 2.1  has Facial expressions support


This all will work with non-neutral facial expressions which were added in the previous release. Meaning you can create your model using any photos you’re able to find!

The preciseness of the model is supplemented with improved texture extraction algorithms. So it all gives an even better start point for a likeness-sculpting or any other kind of project reducing the amount of manual work.

All that is packed with the user-friendly interface rebuilt almost from scratch based on the invaluable feedback of the KeenTools community!

Nuke users will find most of these improvements in Nuke as well with FaceTracker andFaceBuilder . Precisely, they get varying focal length estimation in FaceBuilder meaning they can use photos from different sources to create the model.

The non-neutral facial expressions will help when you don’t have good or any photos at all  just use the footage and then export a FaceTracker node and start tracking right away!
TextureBuilder node performance and quality are also improved in many ways. And this all is available for Nuke 12.2 now.

Starting from version 2.0.0, the KeenTools team will release only maintenance updates for users of Nuke 8, 9 and 10. Meaning critical bugs will be fixed, but new features will appear only in our plugins for newer Nuke versions. The reason behind this is that they want to bring better experience and performance to the tools using new technologies available in Nuke 11+.

The New in FaceBuilder for Nuke plugins:

  • Support for multiple different cameras in FaceBuilder
  • General quality improvements in TextureBuilder
  • Better equalization in TextureBuilder
  • Fixed pin disappearance after using 3D-brush in FaceTracker and GeoTracker
  • Fixes for rigged geometry
  • Nuke 12.2 support
  • Many minor fixes and improvements

You can Download the new FaceBuilder for Blender and the updated Nuke package from our site! Don’t forget we offer 15 days of fully functional trial for all plugins, and should you purchase a license for FaceBuilder — it’ll work in both Nuke and Blender



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