FJ Tools Plugin for ZBrush Released With New Update 1.5


Florian Jonas has released new version of FJ Tools plugin for the Zbrush it has 70 pules new functions in FJ Tools 1.5 update. The plugin is designed for only ZBrush versions 2019/2020 and latest ZBrush 2021 ,it’s NOT supported for Previous versions of ZBrush.

FJ Tools  New features And Improvements

  • Added QAlign to the QuickSelect functions, which allows you to align meshes to each other
  • Reworked Naming section, to make it more intuitive and comfortable
  • A new modelling sections was introduced:
  • Including a Primitive generator
  • EasyExtract that allows to quickly generate low geometry from masks
  • EasyRebuild that ZRemeshes/subdivides and reprojects in one step
  • Mirror functions that also work with active subdivision
  • A copy/paste function for Panel Loops
  • The Color Section now also allows to colorize Polygroups
  • The ExpertMode was extended and now also includes the Camera View as well as the Thumbnail
  • Added Group Visible & Auto Groups to the Manage-Subtools section, which allows you to batch the native  ZBrush functions of the same name
  • An update check was added, that will check for a newer version of FJTools once a month. This can also be disabled from within the settings

Fixes & Improvements:

  • Improved the random generator, which makes Random/Shuffle colors more random
  • Fixed a QMerge bug when used on closed folders
  • Fixed an issue with QSplit & QColor when the selection lasso was selected
  • Fixed an issue that preventing colorizing meshes with layers in REC mode
  • Fixed issue when pasting a folder another via Copy/Paste Subtools
  • Fixed a bug when using visibility functions on folders
  • You can now reset FJTools to defaults from the settings menu
  • The Single-button of the Color section was renamed to Selected
  • QHide now also hides Polygroups of the selected Subtool
  • QColor now also colorizes Polygroups of the selected Subtool
  • Fixed a few typos

How to Installation FJ Tools plugin in Zbrush

installation  FJTools is relay simply simple process , just copy the “FJTools_1_5.zsc” file, along with the “FJTools_1_5_Data”-folder into the Zplugs64-folder of your ZBrush 2019/2020/2021 installation based on witch version you are using. The path should look similar to this:Pixologic\ZBrush 2019[2020][2021]\ZStartup\ZPlugs64



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