Free 3D scanned Models male and female character by Deep3d Studio


3D scanned models by Deep3d Studio male and female character and other props 3d banana and hand gloves, you can download all those for free. all models generated by 3D scanning using the photogrammetry technique.

3D scanned Models by Deep3d Studio
3d hand gloves download

3D scanned Models by Deep3d Studio

You can download the original high-poly models in different file formats like ZTL format for sculpting in ZBrush, FBX, and obj also Cinema 4D, the file including RAW source photos which the 3D models were generated.

About Deep3d Studio

The studio is providing a unique 3D scanner with 100 DSLR cameras is an ideal tool for creating a wide range of products for the visual effects and gaming industry. and different post-production services like 3D model cleaning and retopology, Character rigging and keyframe & motion-capture animations also Adaptation to VR, AR, and Unreal-engine.


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