Free Female Mannequin Character for Unreal Engine


Monthly Unreal Engine Sponsored Content product for September 2020 released the Female Mannequin model for game development and prototyping. It comes with multiple head options and modular parts.

Boot your ideas and set up new games projects and game animations. It is only free until the end of September

Female mannequin game model

 Female Mannequin Technical Details Features

  • New modular version added
  •  Body proportions unified with “Stylized Female” bundles. Legacy versions(very short and very tall) removed. If you still need them, download the 4.22/4.23 version.
  •  New android head option with materials (Ceramic, White, Black) Interactive demo added
  • The version of the model using a non-standard skeleton has been removed from the 4.19 version and above for clarity. It is still available in the previous version of the asset for legacy needs.
  •  3 body variants are now available: Tall Athletic, Tall Thin, Short curvy.
  • Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes (this is a female character therefore the proportions differ slightly from the base male.)
Free Female mannequin model
Female mannequin unrealengine

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

Animated: Comes with the third-person example with improved animations

Number of characters: 1

Vertex counts of character: 20807 verts (41224 tris)

Texture Resolutions : body 2048*2048, joints 1024*512, eyes 1024*512

Animation types: In-place

Unreal Engine Compatibility: 4.14 to 4.24

Intended Platform: Win, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, mobile


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