Download Free Human Motion Capture Data From Actorcore


Are you looking for free Mocap data for animation? ActorCore offers one of the most diverse 3D Motion capture data libraries. ActorCore has a massive 3D character animation library that is compatible with most major 3D Animation software.

Human Motion Capture Data for 3D Characters

Actorcore offers thousands of individual high-quality Human Motion Capture Data in various themes. Like business, archives, dance, daily life, medieval, combat, and more. You can download it in different formats that you are project needs.
You can also Easily import FBX motions, and retarget them to 3D characters with optimized Auto Setup. Import Presets, and follow the step-by-step video guide for more information.

With this well-planned theme library, find Mocap Data that perfectly fit into your 3D projects. Also, check out 150 free mocap data from Rakoko Studios, which will help you, even more.


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