Generate Texture Maps using XNormal in ZBrush and Maya


Generate Texture Maps using XNormal in ZBrush  The whole lot from exporting your models with polypaint in zbrush, to generating ambient occlusion maps in xnormal are covered.

Generate Texture Maps using XNormal in ZBrush and Maya
Zbrush to Xnormal Baking a Normal map

Generate Texture Maps using XNormal in ZBrush

Zbrush to Xnormal  Baking a Normal map

Here I’ll go over the step by step process of taking your meshes from Zbrush to Xnormal and baking out a quality normal map. And at the end we can view the result in Marmoset.

The Fundamentals of Perfect Baking

predominant ideas for baking typical maps from a excessive decision mesh to a low decision mesh. Quite a lot of this knowledge was once located at www.Polycount.Com, and if you want to be taught more.

Andy Davies goes over one of the most most generally-used facets within xNormal and suggests methods to bake typical, Ambient Occlusion and Polypaint textures, along with displaying more than one methods of constructing a cage within the appliance. He additionally provides an outline of the unique settings you are certainly to need, to get probably the most out of your bakes, and explains the diversities between the choices within the more than a few map forms, to make certain highest compatibility for engine distinct configurations while preserving a just right workflow.

Using XNormal with Maya to create Normal Maps

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