Grey Matter Gary Maya Rig Free Maya Rig From squigglyrigs


If you are working in the animation industry, you know how essential it’s far to have to get entry to access to various Maya rigs which you can use and exercise your animation skills. With Autodesk Maya so customary in animation, there is no scarcity of incredible rigs available. If you’re looking to upload a new one on your list, then have a look at Squiggly Grey Matter Gary Maya Rig .

Grey Matter Gary Free Maya Rig is the primary of a line of rigs that purpose to be attractive, bendy, lightweight and smooth to use, and you can download the rig free of charge. The downloadable rig required Maya Maya 2017 or better. Squiggly Rigs has a few different great-searching rigs too, the Goosh Maya rig and the Lee Maya rig for a small rate. Check out Squiggly Rigs here.

Rig Features

  • Stretchy and bendy arms and legs
  • Stretchy and bendy head
  • Stretchy and bendy spine
  • Full facial control
  • Global stretch, bend, inflate and twist control
  • Additional multiples that include:
  • 2 extra left arms
  • 2 extra right arms
  • 2 extra left legs
  • 2 extra right legs
  • 2 extra sets of eyes


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